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Amazing organization.  Thanks to the organizers and volunteers!  - Martina Young

What a rush! Super 1st #cycling event experience for us. - Soo M

Thank you for organizing such an awesome event. - Himalya Rana

Didn't care for the weather last year, but it was the best ride I have ever been on. Can't wait to 2016. - Neil McCormick

How could I expect anything other than the best from you guys. This will be my 4th year.  Woo-hoo! !!! - Kelly Collette-Brown

Our new 8-evening, 4-week clinic program is designed to help more experienced riders improve their speed, improve in pace lines, climb, close gaps, adapt to surges and tempo changes in the pack and more.

Taught by renowned instructor Scott Laliberte, these August clinics are based in Milton and use many of the same roads as you will experience on PwC Epic Tour.

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